Welcome to Clarity Women, where comfort meets relief in the form of our innovative Menstrual Heating Pad.
I’m Nabiya Jalil, the founder of Clarity Women, and I’m excited to share with you the story behind our brand and the exceptional product that has been crafted with care and consideration for women’s well-being.


Personal Inspiration​

Clarity Women’s Menstrual Heating Pad is born from a personal journey, understanding the real challenges women face during menstruation. It’s more than a product; it’s a solution that makes a meaningful impact on your daily life.​

Empowerment Vision​

Beyond just functionality, Clarity Women is a commitment to empower every woman. It’s about providing relief and fostering confidence, self-care, and empowerment in every phase of your life.

Our Vision​

At Clarity Women, we envision a world where women can navigate their menstrual cycles with ease, comfort, and confidence. We understand the unique challenges that come with menstruation, and we are committed to providing practical solutions that enhance the daily lives of women.

Our Product Features

  • Warm Belt: Essential for health, warms uterus, stomach, waist, abdomen.
  • Advanced Heating: PI metal, far-infrared, rapid 3-second heating, large area. Constant temperature for quick relief.
  • Customizable Settings: Three temperatures (50°C, 55°C, 60°C), four vibration levels, tailored for diverse needs.
  • Health and Pain Relief: Promotes circulation, metabolism. Regulates body, relieves backache, lumbar pain.