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Portable Heating Pad for Women

The ultimate destination for women’s comfort products. We provide top-quality, comfortable, and stylish heating pads designed specifically for women’s needs.

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Product Information

Experience the ultimate comfort with our lightweight and skin-friendly period heating pad for cramps, weighing just 8 ounces. It combines heating and massaging functions, offering three temperature modes and four massage options for effective relief. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit and even heat distribution, with an adjustable waistband up to 50 inches. Conveniently charge it via USB and use it at home or the office. It’s also a thoughtful gift choice for women experiencing abdominal discomfort during their period. Say goodbye to cramps and embrace comfort with our wireless heating pad.

Advanced Features

Benefits of Wirerless Heating Pads

Portability: Easily use on the go.

Convenience: No cords or outlets needed.

Adjustability: Customize heat and intensity.

Multi-Functionality: Some include massaging.

Rechargeable: Cost-effective and eco-friendly.

4-Speed Vibration Massage

Massage More Closely
To The Waist And Abdomen

Massage the acupoints to fundamentally relieve the pain of Aunt Gong Han

Four Levels Of Intensity Adjustment

Multi-level intensity adjustment, silent and no sleep disturbance, adapt to the demand for massage intensity under different conditions.
1 Low frequency vibration

2. Medium frequency vibration

3. Medium and high frequency vibration

4. High frequency vibration



The Right Heating Pad

Massage More Closely To The Waist And Abdomen

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